International Affairs

ONS is pleased to be involved in education and outreach around the world, both to nurses and to interdisciplinary audiences. As we move into 2013, we are pursuing the opportunity in a more proactive way to engage the global oncology nursing community through the delivery of education and training, both electronically and live. This work can best be accomplished with local, regional, and global partners, who could include other associations and not for profit organizations, governmental agencies, NGOs, foundations and industry.

With sustainability and capacity-building at the forefront of our mission internationally, ONS remains focused on consistency and stewardship of resources.  Priority topics for nursing education include chemotherapy and safe handling of cytotoxic drugs, clinical trials, pain control, palliative care, disease-specific education, evidence-based practice, and leadership development.

Presenters for international programs are selected from among a candidate pool of ONS members. These candidates are targeted primarily on their SIG involvement, primary positions, functional areas, international area of interest, and occasionally language spoken other than English, as well as other qualifications. If you are interested in an international teaching opportunity with ONS, please be sure that all demographic areas of your ONS profile are current, and that you have completed the “Professional and Leadership Expertise Profile” portion of your profile. If you have any questions, please email

2014 Programs