ONS Quality Initiative

New! Breast Cancer Survivorship (BCS) Measure Set

Oncology nurses have always worked to provide the highest quality care to their patients, and the national spotlight on quality care for all has recently begun to intensify as well. ONS has launched a Quality Initiative to focus efforts to:

  • Promote the development and testing of valid and reliable quality measures
  • Encourage participation by members in practice-based and national quality efforts
  • Promote the identification and implementation of the highest quality evidence into practice policies and procedures, and for daily clinical decision making

The first project underway as part of the Quality Initiative was development and pilot testing of the Breast Cancer Care (BCC) and Breast Cancer Survivorship (BCS) Quality Measures sets at about 40 clinical practice sites nationwide in 2010 - 2012. This project was funded by a multiyear year grant from the National Philanthropic Trust's Breast Cancer Fund to the ONS Foundation, and had several goals:

  • Develop and perform validity and reliability testing a set of quality measures focused on the care of the patient receiving chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer (the BCC measure set)
  • Develop and test a set of quality measures focused on the care of patient with breast cancer in the first year post-chemotherapy treatment completion
  • Disseminate information about the process of quality measurement, and how to implement practice changes where necessary to improve performance after self- measurement

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Take a look at the press release  for the BCC measures project to learn more. You can also view a background presentation on ONS' quality work. Contact research@ons.org with any questions about these measure sets to learn more about the ONS Quality Initiative.