Discover the Bright Side of Oncology Nursing

Think caring for patients with cancer is all doom and gloom? It's not. It's an opportunity to be inspired by the determination, hope, and faith of your patients. Enjoy the opportunity to develop strong relationships with your patients and their families. No other nursing specialty is quite as rewarding!

It's no secret that there's a nursing shortage, and it's not going away anytime soon. The truth is, the community needs you. If you explore a nursing specialty like oncology, you'll be invaluable not only to your patients, but to your employer too. How's that for job security?

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Overheard by Nurses Working in Oncology

"I'm not saying that oncology nursing is an easy job, but it is the most rewarding job I have had."

"My advice to anyone who feels nervous about working in oncology is this: Put away your preconceived notions, and don't focus on the disease. Don't see cancer-see the patient."

"When I work with patients who have cancer or who are terminally ill, I think about people who are survivors and realize that there is hope."

"Patients with cancer are a lesson in determination, courage, and faith."

 "I truly love oncology nursing and would recommend it to anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of their patients."

"Oncology nursing truly is multifaceted. I believe the challenges are unique and the rewards are many."