Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Connecting to your oncology colleagues is one of the most valuable benefits of your ONS membership. Now, making those professional connections is easier than ever, as all ONS members can join an unlimited number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for free!

ONS SIGs are communities of members who share ideas, information, and experiences with others in the same cancer care subspecialty. SIGs publish quarterly newsletters, meet at the ONS Annual Congress, and stay connected throughout the year through online virtual communities and communiqués.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make valuable professional connections. The people you meet through your SIG memberships can help you to improve your practice and advance your career.

The ONS Special Interest Groups (SIG) Directory provides a listing of all 27 SIGs, as well as the coordinator of each SIG, and connects you to SIG newsletters. To manage your SIG memberships, log into your ONS Profile and select the “Special Interest Groups” tab from the left column.

SIG Membership Benefits Include

  • Networking with colleagues who share similar interests and expertise.
  • Contributing articles to SIG newsletters.
  • Participating in discussions with other SIG members.
  • Contributing to the future direction of the SIG.
  • Participating in mentorship programs.
  • Receiving information about the latest advancements and best practices.
  • Honing your leadership skills by running for SIG coordinator-elect or SIG work groups.
  • Finding information with a simple click of a mouse, such as
    • Educational opportunities and materials
    • Calls to action
    • News affecting your specific SIG
    • Newsletters
    • Communiqués
    • Meeting minutes

For more information, contact the coordinator of the SIG(s) in which you are interested, or Carol DeMarco from the ONS Membership and Component Relations Department at cdemarco@ons.org or 412-859-6230.

Focus Groups

Can't find a SIG that meets your needs? Maybe there's a focus group. Some specialty groups haven't yet met the criteria to become a SIG, but they can take part in focus groups, which provide a formal means of networking through communiqués and annual meetings at Congress. The Focus Groups Directory has been prepared to assist eligible ONS members who have questions concerning the groups. The directory lists the coordinator of each Focus Group. Members who are interested in joining one of these groups may contact the ONS National Office at 412-859-6230, or the Focus Group Coordinator listed here. All ONS members are eligible to join one or more Focus Groups.

View a list of the Focus Groups and join in the discussion.