Member Discount Programs

ONS members qualify for discounts when purchasing software, hardware, and related items from Dell. Visit the website below and follow the instructions for more information on how to take advantage of this special program and discount.

Dell Software, Hardware, and Related Items

Dell Software, Hardware, and Related Items
ONS members qualify for discounts when purchasing software, hardware, and related items from Dell. Visit the Web site above to access the Dell Employees and Affiliates Purchase Program page. You will be asked to enter your member ID (PS31242520). Select a category of products to browse. After selecting a product and choosing "Add to Cart," a percentage-off discount will be displayed. Depending on the purchase, the discount will be between 5%-10%. Free shipping may be offered. Member ID: PS31242520

Hertz Car Rental Hertz Car Rental  *
Receive discounted rates off of automobile rentals by using discount code #1823090. Reservations can be made at the above link or by calling 1-800-654-2210.
Nurses Service Organization Nurses Service Organization *
Exclusive benefits and discounts for term life, accident, health, disability, and professional liability insurances.
PEPID Medical Information Resources PEPID Medical Information Resources
Oncology Nursing Suite and Professional Nursing Suite developed with the Oncology Nursing Society, this fully integrated informatics tool allows you to quickly retrieve critical information on IV compatibility, drip rates and narcotic equianalgesic dosing. PEPID ONS also includes Putting Evidence into Practice (PEP) Cards so you can easily see current research accompanied by interventions from ONS, to assist you in providing the highest quality care. ONS members receive a 10% discount! Order here or use the code ONS at checkout.
T-Mobile T-Mobile *
Receive discounted rates on phone plans and accessories. This program is available through the above link or by calling 1-866-464-8662 and mentioning Promo Code 9786TMOFAV and Node number 4563711.
Vestex Nursing Scrubs Vestex Nursing Scrubs
Vestex™ scrubs repel dangerous fluids, resist stains, wick away perspiration and contain an antimicrobial to control odors.  Vestex keeps you clean, cool and dry throughout the longest shifts.  ONS members receive 15% off their purchases and the ONS Foundation receives 10% of purchases made by clicking this link.


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